• Market Analysis of Middle East countries (We perform a competitor and product analysis and provide you with a detailed industry-specific monitoring)
    • Market study / market entry / market advice
    • Research of sources: Professional research on companies in the Middle East, their products and inquiries
    • Initiating contacts with business partners (export, import, cooperation, financing) as well as ministries, government agencies, chambers and associations 
    • Finding the "right" partner 
    • Company Representation at international trade fairs in the Middle East:
      The personal contacts made here often yield the basis for long-term business relationships.
    • Acquisition of customers and representatives 
    • Negotiation Support
    • Handling of Import and Export Transactions
    • Partner for Joint Ventures
    • Local management
    • Advice on trade promotion and funding of the state for German companies:
      You want to financially support your venture abroad? We are specialists in Iran for funding and identify for you the right support. We write the project proposal and take over the project administration. We perform audits and represent your interests to decision-makers.
    • Individual market research:
      are carried out by us, when companies find opportunities in the Middle east market, but because of the intransparent market conditions and mentality barrieres can not perform detailed market analysis which is a basis for decision-making.
    • Intercultural Consulting:
      Through years of experience on the relations of MENA region and as expert in intercultural management, we advise you in your business contacts in the Middle East.
      We enable you to build personal relationships with potential business partners with whom business transactions are different in the muslim mentality than in the western culture. We develop cross-cultural marketing strategies that gives you a customized entry into the market and accompany you during launch.

    We conduct in-house seminars and workshops tailored for your individual
    project. Following seminars are currently offered:
    - Intercultural Management Training for the Middle East
    - Language courses for Persian (Basic &  Advanced)