Purchase of capital goods / project management
Purchasing Consultancy / Procurement (Business to Business and Individuals)
Negotiation Support
Contract Management
Handling of Import and Export transactions
Contracts for general agencies
Participation / Shareholding in European companies
Partner for Joint Ventures
Company Representation at international trade fairs in Germany
Acquisition of fair-specific services:
Accompaniment and / or representation of Iranian businessmen during their visits at trade fairs in Germany
Conducting a search for target products
Initiating contacts with international business partners and with the participating companies at trade shows
Intercultural Consulting:
Through years of experience on the relations of MENA region and as expert in intercultural management, we advise companies in the Middle East in your international business contacts, specially with Europe.
We enable you to build personal relationships with potential business partners with whom business transactions are different in the western mentality than in the oriental culture. We develop cross-cultural marketing strategies that gives you a customized entry into the market and accompany you during launch.
We conduct in-house seminars and workshops tailored for individual
international projects (In the Middle East, specially UAE, Turkey and Iran).
Following seminars are currently offered:
- Intercultural Management Training for Europe, specially Germany
- Language courses for German (Basic & Advanced)